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Turn Your B Into An A In As Little As 21 Days With Expert Academic Tutoring, Powerful Psychological Tools, and Motivational Coaching.

Students across the world have developed immense confidence with their chosen subject using a synergy of psychological and academic training. Students with average grades have been skyrocketed to the top 20% of their class, because they are tutored holistically, as an individual with unique strengths and weaknesses, and experience progress at lightning speed. So how can you realize your full academic potential without having to spend hours studying and then forgetting everything, spending hundreds of dollars on tutoring, and get consistent and lasting results that stick for life?

Imagine Right Now...

  • Gaining a rigorous understanding of the subject with minimal time/effort commitment.
  • Being able to process and retain information in just a few readings.
  • Activating the power of your subconscious mind to work for you rather than against you.
  • Having perfect mental clarity that allows you to focus completely when you work.
  • Overcoming frustration and boredom, replacing it with an unbreakable sense of positivity.
  • Liberating yourself from pre-exam stress and anxiety forever.

Fully Personalized System:

We believe that your journey towards educational mastery begins with a methodical step-by-step process that trains you in all the fundamentals of your subject and mind empowerment, so that using your mind to achieve the outcomes you desire is a smooth and effortless process. We will develop a fully personalized plan that ensures you reach your desired grade by the required date.

Get FREE career counselling from experts!

Your tutoring package includes free careers advice and materials for industries including banking, consulting and FMCG. This includes interview guidance, CV editing, inside information on specific firms, and application support.

You Can Do So Much More Than You Think
"This tutoring gave me so much confidence in macroeconomics and I now actually enjoy it. I thought I was going to fail it but I passed with good marks. I never knew that I could be this good at it!..."

- Charlotte A | Student of University of Nottingham

You Will See Noticable Results Quickly
"I learnt a lot from this tutoring because the exercises helped me concentrate and stop procrastinating about studying. I get everything done really quickly now..."

- Burt G | Student of Penn State University

What's More Important Than Yourself?
"...Tutoring here made me realize more than just that I can get good grades. Thank you Study Support for making me a more confident and focused person....."

- Karthik N | IB Student at Indus International School

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Your Progress Path With Study Support


FREE Initial Consultation

In this session, we will discuss your academic and personal development goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and what kind of tutoring + coaching is best for you .


Diagnosis and Planning

We will get together a plan for you, based on the specific material requirements and exam time path, to make sure you are where you need to be as quickly as possible.



Lessons are one-to-one online sessions with one of our expert tutors. We follow a 25/20/15 structure: 25 minutes of material discussion, 20 minutes of solving problems together, and 15 minutes covering feedback. It is adjustable to your needs.



To help you stay on track and meet any personal development goals you stated, we will give you powerful techniques to boost your concentration, memory and motivation and support you along the way with weekly online meetings.