New Tech Students…• Graduate from high school at a rate 14% higher than the national average• Enroll in college at a rate 9% higher than the national average• Persist in college at a rate of 83%• Grow 77% more in higher order thinking skills between freshmen and senior years of high school than comparison groupDownload our PDF Outcomes reportNew Tech graduates are thriving. Ninety-five percent of freshmen who enter New Tech high schools graduate in four years. Along the way, they gain valuable academic and critical thinking skills and participate in community-based experiences that prepare them for life after high school. Seventy-three percent of New Techstudents choose to enroll in college and 83% of these college enrollees remain enrolled the following year.While many New Tech graduates are too young to have yet completed college, early indicators show they are succeeding. These accomplishments are evident in diverse communities across the U.S. In urban, suburban and rural areas alike, New Tech students graduate from high school and enroll in college at a higher rate than state and national averages. RelatedTags: New Tech Learning Outcomes, NTN Findings, Outcomes

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