Teachers often ask our school coaches, “What does assessment look like in PBL?”  Clearly it would be a mistake to cut students loose and 3 weeks later hold them accountable to the rubric.  Continuous assessment matters in PBL and the type of assessments depends on what phase of the project you are in. In the launch of the project, you are checking to make sure student understand the project and have enough breadcrumbs to start their own research.  In the early phase, it’s important to know the teams are getting themselves organized and that they are headed in the right direction.  In the middle of the project, you are assessing how well the students are learning the material and understanding how it applies to the project.  Near the end, the focus of your assessment is around the rubric and making sure students have mastered the material well enough to produce a thoughtful product with lots of opportunity for feedback.  During the culminating event, use the rubrics to measure the final product, their communication skills, and the collaboration skills.

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