PBL/PrB as inquiry-based student-centered learning is the primary mode of instruction at all gradesLiteracy is infused across the curriculum and in the context of the projectEffective literacy practices include extensive input, reading, and writing in the context of a projectShared reading strategies are incorporated into the context of a project Guided reading and independent reading is in the context of content and/or skills required for the projectSchoolwide structures for adult learning include daily shared planning time for teams  and regular staff meeting timeProjects are integrated with multiple subjects where possibleInterim assessments should be more flexible to allow teacher to design projects that are authentic and rigorous Projects are tied to adults in the community and have a meaningful purpose for studentsStudent voice and choice drive the direction and content of the project to high degreesMath is inquiry-basedfocused on reasoning and sense-makingcollaborative and experientialconnected to the project when applicableBasic numeracy skills are reinforced in projects (number awareness, looking for patterns, making sense of data, interpreting graphs / diagrams)Infusion of technology to allow for differentiated learning, exploration of ideas, and practice of skillsDevelopmentally appropriate devicesTechnology as a tool, not the focusCenters are an effective way to organize time and allow for student pacingRelatedTags: Community Partnerships, Ed Tech, Elementary, Math, Project Based Learning

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