New book by Lydia Dobyns and Tom Vander ArkAvailable July 2018Students need to be problem solvers, capable of self-directed learning and demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills. “Better Together” presents a tour through one of the modern era’s most important educational innovations and provides smart strategies for working together in school networks to achieve the promise of personalized learning for all students. Innovating schools as a “do it yourself” effort pose significant challenges. “Better Together” introduces teachers, principals and district leaders who have re-imagined hundreds of schools with the support of networks.Order today! Since the first New Tech high school opened in 1996, hundreds of schools around the country have turned to New Tech Network for inspiration, guidance and direct support in their local K-12 school innovation efforts.Better Together: How to Leverage School Networks For Smarter Personalized and Project Based Learning profiles more than a dozen school networks and features many  New Tech teachers, directors and district leaders.Ideal for school and district discussion groups.  Learn more about New Tech Network President and  CEO Lydia Dobyns and Getting Smart CEO, Tom Vander Ark.  

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