Day TwoThe day began with the Voices of Our Network, which featured students from across our network. First, we heard from Iziah Salas, Ashley Uvina, and Isaiah Caban from Irvin Rocket New Tech- about what they need from their school experience so that they can Thrive Forward. Then, New Tech Network’s Director of District and School Development Alan Veach moderated a school system panel discussion with educators from Reynoldsburg City Schools. The conversation included perspectives from across the district – student, teacher, coach, principal and district administrator, all centered on Reynoldsburg’s commitment to students experiencing deeper learning in every classroom, every dayThen conference attendees moved into two rounds of  Learning Sessions, 75-minute deep dives into unique topics and specific NTN resources. Network members had a lot to choose from, with topics that included:Breaking Down the Buzzword: The What and Why of Social Emotional Learning with Alexandra Zocco Feedback vs Advice: How Teachers can Help Students Grow and Thrive with Kevin Gant Inviting Student Voice into Classroom Culture Plans with Gaylen BrannonLeading Your Way Back into In-Person PBL with Alan Veach and Lee FlemmingWe are Family: Building Genuine, Lasting Partnerships between Home and School with Jenny KrystopowiczExploring Systems of Power with Young Learners (elementary) with Agnes GomezThose who wanted to dedicate some time Reflect & Renew throughout the day on Tuesday were welcomed to explore the day’s resources that focused on Self Care. These carefully curated readings, prompts, and podcasts offered ways for network educators to thrive, by paying close attention to their mind, body and spirit.

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