Humans of NTN: Jen Benkovitz, NTN Director of School Leadership  “I remember struggling with John Foster. I saw in him this incredible opportunity to be a leader but I had underlying frustration when he wouldn’t show up to school. I made the decision to go visit his house and meet his family.Where I taught in Charlotte was a very impoverished neighborhood, which was different than where I grew up. I remember going into John’s neighborhood and he was outside playing. He was floored that his teacher showed up! I spent a lot of time that afternoon with him and his mom. I learned she was a single mom, working multiple jobs. It was life changing for me.I realized there were so many kids just like John. It reinforced the importance of really knowing the students you are working with in a way that can help bring meaning into their lives. It became how I did things.”RelatedTags: Humans of NTN

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