This year a cohort of teachers are leading professional development sessions to teach all of us about the zones of regulation. We have learned that when students are in the Green Zone, they are ready to learn. The Blue Zone means they are moving slowly and need something more in order to fully engage. The Yellow Zone means a child is not fully in control of the emotions and probably feels frustrated, silly, wiggly, worried or excited. The Red Zone identifies an out of control feeling that involves anger, terror or over excitement. We are teaching our students this language. Classrooms are creating quiet spaces for students and students move freely into the spaces when they identify a need to or when a teacher provides it as an option for settling down. It is really something to watch our students take advantage of a space like this, to understand its purpose and to use the tools in the center to get back to their Green Zone. When teachers understand and implement practices that ensure every student is in an emotional space to learn, thatallows for greater learning, in turn, closing the opportunity gap a little more.

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