WSBT 22Students at Goshen Middle School are designing and creating their own works of art.It’s part of the “new tech” curriculum, where project-based learning is used in education.“Traditional teaching is more like the teacher is up front and gives them information, where for us we use more questioning to get them to do research and find the answer some themselves,” said teacher, Annika Miller.She says students use math, social studies, and english to create art.“I’ve always thought that math and art are so connected. In social studies we’re studying the renaissance and in Goshen there’s kind of been a Goshen renaissance going on with more art and theater and music coming in within the last few years,” said Miller.She says guidelines call for the artwork to start out being pixelated. They can use as many squares as they want, depending on the size.They go from there using their imagination and color selection.Not only are they producing artwork for the school itself, as well as related educational themes, they have reached out to several businesses in the community to produce works of art for them.Businesses like Ben’s Pretzels, Electric Brew Coffee Shop and Chain Reaction Bicycle Shop have partnered with the school.“They had to do the research to contact those places and ask them if there was a theme or what kind of design, they were maybe looking for,” said Miller.Students are excited about the class.“It’s really cool when you get to do something in new tech, like the help us to make our own decisions and be creative. I like art because of the creativity you have,” said sixth grader, Alexis Vance.The artwork they made will be on display at those businesses.

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