We have pulled our portrait of a graduate directly from our mission statement in order to create a high alignment between our mission (viewed as a promise we make to our families), our practices, and our graduates. Our staff designs problems of practice around both the graduate profile and our learner outcomes and investigates those problems through Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles as well as other methods. We have Learner Success Teams in place to track, discuss, and provide interventions for learners who are struggling with academic content, social emotional aspects, or are otherwise not living up to our graduate profile. Our learners actively engage with the components of our mission and learner profile through projects designed around those concepts. Learners take the different statements, find examples from their school year that demonstrate growth or mastery of one of the descriptors, and then share their reflection with the rest of their classmates. Learners also track their progress on the graduate profile by keeping a digital portfolio. The components of the graduate profile are: empowered, problem-solver, collaborative, leader. To empower learners, we provide choice in their academic life through a couple of avenues including student choice in schedule, one day each week. Learners choose activities that they need for their academics or they choose sessions that help them to pursue their passions.

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