By President and CEO Lydia DobynsOur foundational belief is that schools get better by being part of a community, and that school networks can solve the most complex challenge we face today: closing the opportunity gap for all students.New Tech Network schools provide students with educational experiences that prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. There is tremendous power being part of a network where teachers, administrators and district leaders are connected to the same aspirational goal. Every school can innovate – but going it alone makes dealing with change-related challenges far more difficult. When you are part of a network, systemic change becomes attainable and sustainable.Each NTN school is unique and reflects the community’s hopes for its children. Our schools thrive in suburban, urban and rural districts and feature a myriad of school themes and designs.Our goal is the same everywhere we work: creating schools that prepare students to pursue the life paths of their choosing. We hope these stories from our network inspire and encourage bold action. Together we are building a better tomorrow. NTN School and Student Success Report 2018RelatedTags: Annual report, Lydia Dobyns, Outcomes, PBL, Project Based Learning, Research, School and Student Success Report 2018

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