New Tech Network’s 10 Steps to Scale Deeper Learning1. IDENTIFY CREDIBLE CHAMPIONSFind the advocates and ambassadors who will support your vision from start to finish.2. DEFINE YOUR WHYBuild a shared vision for the future to engage and activate stakeholders.3. ARTICULATE LEARNING OUTCOMESResearch-based outcomes set the context for deeper learning.4. ALIGN STRATEGIC AND FINANCIAL PLANSMake it easy to stay on course – position goals and resources to reflect each other.5. BUILD A COALITION IN THE COMMUNITYDistricts are reflections of the communities they serve – engage your neighbors early and often6. INVEST IN LEARNING FOR TEACHERS AND LEADERSIt takes time and resources to support the shift toward deeper learning – the adults in your system need the same level of intention students do.7. DESIGN WITH SUSTAINABILITY IN MINDProtect your vision for whole school transformation from the inevitable changes that school years bring.8. MONITOR AND MEASURE PROGRESSIf we don’t look back, how can we look forward? Measuring accomplishments and monitoring challenges allows for consistent and continuous growth.9. COMMUNICATE AND CELEBRATECelebrating the accomplishments of your leaders, teachers, and students might be tempting to skip, but it is essential to the change process.10. GO AND GROW!Smooth out the obstacles your district faced in the first year of implementation and get ready for the progress the future will bring.Developed by:Mark Morrison, Director, District and School DevelopmentJessica Sharp, Director, District and School DevelopmentRelatedTags: Deeper Learning, District Implementation

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