Echo supports project-based learning and features an innovative gradebook that aligns to the deeper learning skills students will need in college and career. Digital tools, cultivated and aligned content, and a community of shared learning are integrated to create a powerful and innovative platform to support student and adult learning.ToolsArchitecture and feature sets aligned to Project Based Learning and other personalized deeper learning practices with a multi-dimensional gradebook organized around the assessment and reporting of student outcomes (skills) rather than assignments.ContentTeachers, students, and parents at New Tech schools use Echo on a daily basis to access course resources, exemplar projects, project plans, assignments and an extensive library of instructional resources for teachers. Educators have the opportunity to create projects and access project and resource libraries.CommunityEcho allows schools to more easily exchange best practices, collaborate in real time, connect and share projects, and develop cross-school projects for students.  In short, the Echo community is vibrant and growing.RelatedTags: Echo, Learning Management System, Technology that enables

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