New Tech Network’s 10 Steps to Scale Deeper Learning1. IDENTIFY CREDIBLE CHAMPIONSFind the advocates and ambassadors who will support your vision from start to finish.An Example from Winton Woods City School DistrictThe school and district leaders from Winton Woods School District envisioned their graduates as future-ready and high achieving. School Principal Terri Holden saw the potential that New Tech Network had for Winton Woods students and, after a strong start, started bringing District leaders to see the success of the school. Impressed with the results, Superintendent Anthony Smith recruited Principal Holden to scale the New Tech Model. As the new Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Holden brought the New Tech Network model to all six Winton Woods schools.2. DEFINE YOUR WHYBuild a shared vision for the future to engage and activate stakeholders.An Example from Winton Woods City School DistrictBuilding on the momentum stemming from successful student outcomes, Superintendent Anthony Smith wanted the same outcomes for all of Winton Woods students. They began engaging the community around a shared vision for graduates – that they would be ready for college, career and civic life.To spread the word, Superintendent Smith directed the Winton Woods communications team to develop a two-month-long campaign to highlight the District’s “why”, and how the District intended to achieve deeper learning outcomes. The communications team also branded the website to signal their NTN partnership to the community.3. ARTICULATE LEARNING OUTCOMESResearch-based outcomes set the context for deeper learning.An Example from Napa Valley Unified School DistrictNapa Valley Unified School District selected Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity as their board-adopted learning outcomes. Working with a variety of stakeholders,  NVUSD integrated these outcomes into their Board Policy on grading practices. NVUSD also formed a K-12 report card redesign committee that lead to reporting out on both traditional content areas and their learning outcomes.4. ALIGN STRATEGIC AND FINANCIAL PLANSMake it easy to stay on course – position goals and resources to reflect each other.An Example from Napa Valley Unified School DistrictNapa Valley Unified School District developed and implemented a strategic planning process that led to NVUSD 2015 Learning Plan (now NVUSD 2020) plan. They integrated the new Learning Plan into the overall District Strategic Plan.5. BUILD A COALITION IN THE COMMUNITYDistricts are reflections of the communities they serve – engage your neighbors early and often.An Example from El Paso Independent School DistrictIn Superintendent Juan Cabrera’s first year, he and his cabinet visited Nex+Gen Academy, a New Tech Network school in Albuquerque, NM. After observing New Tech Network students, they decided that their students in El Paso needed a new approach to learning and pledged transform their school system. At the same time, a local community philanthropic group, CREED, was vocal about the school system needing to improve, but was pushing for a different approach. They also toured Nex+Gen Academy and committed to funding El Paso ISD innovation using the New Tech Network model. CREED continues to be deeply involved.6. INVEST IN LEARNING FOR TEACHERS AND LEADERSIt takes time and resources to support the shift toward deeper learning – the adults in your system need the same level of intention students do.An Example from Napa Valley Unified School DistrictNapa Valley Unified School District used New Tech Network classrooms as models for teachers and administrators to learn how 21st Century classrooms are organized and how they produce excellent student outcomes. Seeing is believing – these well-designed instructional demonstrations and debrief was essential in scaling New Tech Network practices to 13 schools. Napa Valley Unified School District also uses New Tech Network’s Learning Management System, Echo, for digital badging and to on-board new teachers.7. DESIGN WITH SUSTAINABILITY IN MINDProtect your vision for whole school transformation from the inevitable changes that each school year brings.An Example from Napa Valley Unified School DistrictWorking with their district as a thought-partner, Napa New Tech High School designed the Center for Excellence training center. They provide ongoing teacher training for New Tech Network partner schools in Napa Valley Unified.8. MONITOR AND MEASURE PROGRESSIf we don’t look back, how can we look forward? Measuring accomplishments and monitoring challenges allows for consistent and continuous growth.An Example from El Paso Independent School DistrictWhile El Paso Independent School District’s growth and progress measurements are not yet in their final form, EPISD has become a leader in measuring and showing growth on state-mandated end-of-course assessments. Over the course of three years, they have shown double-digit growth in all eight of their New Tech Network partner schools.EPISD @ New Tech One Pager | EPISD @ New Tech Statistics9. COMMUNICATE AND CELEBRATECelebrating the accomplishments of your leaders, teachers, and students might be tempting to skip, but it is essential to the change process.An Example from Winton Woods City School DistrictTo spread the word of of their success, the Communications Team posted a series of videos and celebrations on their website.10. GO AND GROW!Smooth out the obstacles your district faced in the first year of implementation and get ready for the progress the future will bring.An Example from El Paso Independent School DistrictWhen the El Paso Independent School District first started their partnership with New Tech Network, they thought strategically about how they would scale the model throughout their District. The first two schools to begin their partnership were different in student population, location, and affluence. Because New Tech Network works for all students, EPISD saw huge growth in just the first year of implementation. Their success motivated four feeder schools to partner for the second year. After hiring an NTN principal to lead the District effort, EPISD established a K-12 pathway and then three separate 6-12 pathways.Developed by:Mark Morrison, Director, District and School DevelopmentJessica Sharp, Director, District and School DevelopmentRelated

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