The lasting impact of Beyond NTAC was not because of any single learning or connecting experience – Our Network succeeded in Imagining Beyond, because of the stories, take-aways, passions, and insights, that were collectively shared and experienced throughout the week. The resilience of our Network was evident during Beyond NTAC and we left the week inspired and humbled by the dedication of the educators across our Network. If you weren’t able to join us this time, have no fear – we plan on many more opportunities to connect, reflect, and inspire together. We must resist returning to practices and policies that were not meeting – and in many cases harming – the needs of our students and their futures. The only way to accomplish that, is if we support each other in our collective goal: That every student, every student, deserves an authentic, purposeful, and connected school experience. Now is the time to turn Imagining, into Action. Let’s get to work.  Andrew BirosNew Tech [email protected]

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