In preparation for this year’s NTAC theme of Making It Personal, we have gathered a top ten list of personalized learning resources. We are looking forward to using NTAC to begin a conversation around personalized learning, a topic that is timely, important and relevant to our work. Read through the list and come prepared to discuss personalized learning in July!1. Crazy or Brilliant: Marriage of Deeper Learning and Personalized Learning, Lydia DobynsA call for educators to find ways to provide deep and personalized learning experiences that will impact student learning.2. PBL Chat: Personalized Learning in PBL, Drew SchraderRead the archive from our PBL Chat and hear what innovative educators across Twitter have to say about personalized learning.3. NTAC 2016: Making it Personal, Jim MayFind out why this year’s NTAC theme is focused on personalized learning.4. PBL as a Platform for Personalized Learning: Part 1, Drew SchraderPart 1 of a series focused on how PBL can be a platform for personalized learning.5. PBL as a Platform for Personalized Learning: Part 2, Drew SchraderPart 2 of a series focused on how PBL can be a platform for personalized learning.6. Why and How Personalized Learning is Transforming Texas Education, Tom Vander ArkHow Texas districts have launched system-wide initiatives to achieve real personalization in path and pace for struggling learners.7. 4 Guiding Questions to Help Your School Make the Best Use of the New Tech Annual Conference, Kris WilliamsTips on creating a personalized learning experience for your school at NTAC 2016.8. Take it Personal- A Challenge to the Deeper Learning Community, Drew SchraderDrew Schrader, NTN Director of Assessment, discusses the need to clarify the knowledge, skills and attributes of personal, self-organizing learning.9. 12 On-Ramps for Personalized and Competency-Based Learning, Tom Vander Ark12 ways to achieve real personalization in path and pace.10. Let’s Get Personal: Paths to Meaningful Individualized Learning, Lydia DobynsHow a teacher, parent or district leader can separate the hype of personalized learning from promising strategies.RelatedTags: Personalized Learning

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