In addition to our annual onboarding projects for our new class of students, we also have a consistent partnership with one of our elementary schools with aspirations to extend that effort to both our other elementary school as well as into the middle grades. As a part of this partnership, our NTH Seniors serve as collaboration and tech coaches for small teams of elementary students, supporting them through design projects. They work with a different grade level each quarter, on projects including designing and building seed dispersal mechanisms, wind-powered boats and cars, and concluding with an egg drop event at the high school with Kindergartners. This partnership has many benefits for all parties involved, including starting early with informing students about New Tech and project-based learning. We also have a vibrant Student Voice group who spearheads much of our marketing efforts, including presentations and tours for prospective incoming Sophomores, helping to inform them about what New Tech is and why it might be the right choice.

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