Teachers: Gina MariCourse: Visual ArtsGrade: 8Driving Question:How can we as artists, raise the awareness of returning soldiers through a series of artworks using the frames and conceptual framework?Project Snapshot“The Representative, Jonathan from H4H mentioned in his speech, how grateful he was that the students created these outstanding artworks for the veterans. He talked about his company’s goal, which was to fund veterans with living space, and how he came to us for some artworks that could decorate these homes. He talked on behalf of his company, thanking us all, but also on behalf of the veterans. He also spoke of the massive difference the artworks would make to the veterans lives and how the “artworks would turn a house into a home”. Projects Spotlights allow a glimpse into the great projects that are taking place in New Tech schools across the country. To learn more about Project-Based Learning or the New Tech Network, please contact us here.

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