A Best-in-Network 2018 Finalist St Charles Satellite CenterTeacher: Craig HowatCourse: Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism AdministrationGrade: 11-12Driving Question:How does Tourism engage a targeted audience while focusing on learning and entertainment?Project Snapshot This project is about two groups of students. The first group of students learns about history, culture and what makes a local area unique. They study how to effectively deliver that knowledge via professionals in the tourism and education industry, and create an educational and entertaining walking tour. 3 weeks later, the second group of students learns about the history and culture of the region from the first group of “tour guide” students while on location at the local historical area.Student ProductsStudents must research and create a timeline and tour of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Each student creates passports for their clients and is graded by attendees on a comment card just as they would on any tour. Teacher ReflectionReviewers Reflection“I enjoyed this project and am impressed with the student-centered nature of planning and implementation.”“This project is a fabulous example of PBL. I love the passports, timelines, and interaction with peers and 4th- grade students.” Projects Spotlights allow a glimpse into the great projects that are taking place in New Tech schools across the country. To learn more about Project-Based Learning or the New Tech Network, please contact us here. RelatedTags: #NTAC18, Authenticity, BIN, PBL, Project Based Learning, Public Product, St Charles Satellite Center

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