compilation as they shared their perspectives and intentions about leading forward. Following the introduction from school leaders, Central Coast New Tech Senior Darius Rogness kicked off the event by sharing his powerful ideas. Darius shared about his formative years growing up with his mother and how he, as a young person of color, cultivated an appreciation for his own identity, leading him to  develop listening and identity workshops for his school community. Darius shared tangible resources for schools to use right away and explained that his dedication towards listening to understand others stems from a conviction to promote allyship and shared prosperity across our society.  After the kick off, attendees spent time Reflecting and Renewing, choosing from a short read or podcast meant to stimulate thinking about the act of listening, while also offering the chance to go for a reflective walk or relax and settle in for the event. Rounding out the day was NTN’s Lens on Learning, where leaders unpacked how New Tech Network’s Learning Organization Framework can support their leadership practice, with valuable NTN tools. School teams concluded the day by making sense of how the framework can support their specific aims, while also mapping out their learning for the next two days of the event.

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