Our program has always maintained a deep and authentic focus on developing student aptitude for our School Wide Learning Outcomes: Agency, Collaboration, Communication, and Technology/Information Literacy. Based on our growth measures (see scorecard), we have focused this year on improving student agency, in part by adopting a “7 Habits” component to our advisory program. Over the last 4 years, Tech Valley High has raised its emphasis on achieving student mastery on Regents exams while maintaining a focus on instruction through Project-Based Learning. We have used the results of these exams to drive curricular improvements and they have borne fruit (as evidenced in the score comparison addendum). Because of this added focus, we have also seen a shift in the kind of graduates we produce. We have always required that our students pass 4 years of math and science courses, but now more students are earning the “Advanced Regents” designation that indicates exam proficiency. Equity: TVHS is not a magnet program–students of all academic abilities and backgrounds may choose to attend TVHS. In fact, students with IEPs and 504 plans comprise 27% of our student body. Yet, all students are required to take 4 years of math and science courses, significantly more than the graduation requirements set by the state. Our selection process is also an exercise in equity. We work with more than 30 component districts to choose applicants by non-selective lottery to attend TVHS.

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